OLIVEIRA, J.: Revisitando Stravinsky (Ensemble Jocy de Oliveira, 2010)

OLIVEIRA, J.: Revisitando Stravinsky (Ensemble Jocy de Oliveira, 2010)


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- (Disc 1)
Revisitando Stravinsky

Date of Production: 05-09-2010
Venue: Theatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro
Playing Time: 01:54:18
Catalogue Number: VIDVD00005
UPC: 7896140000542

Revisiting Stravinsky is a music theatre piece in memory of Stravinsky and in recognition to Robert Craft. A dramatic musical reading with multimedia resources conceived and written by Jocy de Oliveira, it is based on her diary of acquaintance and rare collection of letters written to her by Stravinsky and his most important collaborator and interpreter, the conductor and writer Robert Craft.

The script brings up historic musical events, human, witty, emotional moments creating a touching dramatization intercepted by the extraordinary music of Stravinsky and vocal/instrumental/electro-acoustic pieces specially composed by Jocy de Oliveira.

- Robert Craft on Stravinsky, 8 November 2010

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