RAMEAU, J.-P.: Castor et Pollux (DNO, 2008)

RAMEAU, J.-P.: Castor et Pollux (DNO, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
Castor et Pollux

Date of Production: 25-01-2008
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 02:35:00
Catalogue Number: OA0999D
UPC: 809478009993


Castor et Pollux is arguably Rameau's finest creation in the tragédie lyrique style. Its libretto, based in mythology, focuses on an unusual theme: the self-sacrificing love between Castor, who is mortal, and his immortal brother, Pollux. When Castor is killed while defending his beloved Telaire from an attempted abduction, Pollux resolves to give up his immortality and take Castor's place in the Underworld. After passionate debate over who will live and who will die, the brothers are eternally united, transformed into the constellation Gemini. The strikingly luminous sets, depicting a stylized version of the constellation, give this fabulous production, staged by Pierre Audi and conducted by Christophe Rousset, a glorious 21st-century baroque look.

Bonus features:

- Illustrated Synopsis
- To serve this big spectacle - a look behind the scenes of Castor et Pollux with comments by Pierre Audi and members of the cast and crew.

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