MORRISON, James: Wizard from OZ (The) (Jazz Documentary, 1989)



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- (Disc 1)

The Wizard From Oz
Ossher, Jon - Television Director
Featherstone, Don - Television Producer

Playing Time: 00:54:00
Catalogue Number: MID13245372

James Morrison is the hottest jazz musician from Australia to emerge onto the international scene. A superbly talented multi-instrumentalist, he has no peers on jazz trumpet, trombone or euphonium and his U.S. debut, at the Village Vanguard in New York, prompted veteran jazz writer Leonard Feather to rate him as 'a sure bet for jazz superstardom'.

This films into Morrison's dynamic energy and boundless creativity and features him in concert in Australia, with his mentor Don Burrows; at the Montreux Jazz Festival; in a creative improvisation session with the Australian artist Ken Done. Done develops a canvas in response to Morrison's performance and Morrison, in turn, responds to the painter at work.

The highlight of the program is footage of Morrison rehearsing and performing with the World Superband, in New York.

Part 1

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