VERDI, G.: Nabucco (St. Margarethen, 2007)

VERDI, G.: Nabucco (St. Margarethen, 2007)


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Libretto/Text Author: Solera, Temistocle
Orchestra: Europasymphony

Gran Sacerdote: Monarcha, Janusz
Zaccaria: Yang, Simon

Set/Stage Designer: Waba, Manfred
Costume Designer: Engelberg, Waltraut
Stage Director: Herzl, Robert
DVD Producer: Moller, Tobias
DVD Producer: Sas, Christina
Television Director: Dolezal, Rudi
Television Director: Rossacher, Hannes

Date of Production: 14-07-2007
Festival: St. Margarethen Opera Festival
Venue: Romersteinbruch St. Margarethen
Playing Time: 02:02:00
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5622
UPC: 880242562289


This exciting open-air staging of Nabucco was one of the classical highlights in summer 2007. The vast production of the Verdi masterpiece at St. Margarethen took place amidst the intoxicating scenery of a rustically romantic Roman quarry, which provided a unique backdrop for this live recording. The Opera Festival St. Margarethen in Austria counts as one of Europe's most important open-air festivals and nearly 220,000 opera lovers from all over the world visit it annually. Nabucco tells the story of Nebuchadnezzar, ancient King of Babylon, who went mad after proclaiming himself God. It is one of the most popular works in the history of opera and was Giuseppe Verdi's (1813–1901) break-through in 1842. It features the most famous of all opera choruses, "Va, pensiero...", which is a tune known to more than just opera lovers. This is an opera of epic proportions and the staging presented on this video truly conforms to this spirit: horses, pyrotechnical special effects and more than 400 participants take to the stage.

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