ROSSINI, G.: Cenerentola (La) (Teatro Carlo Felice, 2006)

ROSSINI, G.: Cenerentola (La) (Teatro Carlo Felice, 2006)


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La Cenerentola (Cinderella)
Libretto/Text Author: Ferretti, Jacopo
Libretto Source: Fiorini, Francesco
Libretto Source: Perrault, Charles

Don Magnifico: Antoniozzi, Alfonso

Set/Stage Designer: Grossi, Pasquale
Costume Designer: Vincentiis, Zaira de
Lighting Designer: Schmid, Claudio
Stage Director: Curran, Paul
Television Producer: Vitellozzi, Erica
Television Director: Dorigo, Andrea

Date of Production: 05-2006
Venue: Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa
Playing Time: 02:49:44
Catalogue Number: DVWW-OPLACEN
UPC: 824121002237

Paul Curran's production, originally created for Naples in 2004, and presented to rapturous acclaim in Genoa in May 2006, finds a rather unusual setting for this moral tale. He sets the story in the year 1912, in his own words, 'because I wanted to draw attention to social conflicts, and this was a period when class differences were very real'. The setting inspires some Art nouveau imagery in Pasquale Grossi's set designs, while Zaira De Vincentiis's costumes evoke both an elegant sophistication for the prince and Cinderella and a comic exaggeration on the sides of Don Magnifico and his daughters.

The 20th century setting works well as the social differences become immediately palpable for modern audiences, lending the main theme of forgiveness and reconciliation even more prominence. However, the comic side of the opera does not go missing and the clown-like choreographies for the duets, trios etc. dramatises the absurdities of the "bad" characters' behaviour.

Making his operatic debut in Genoa with this production, conductor Renato Palumbo – recently appointed Artistic Director for the Deutsche Oper Berlin – used Alberto Zedda's critical edition of Rossini's work. He was praised in the Italian press for his 'rapid, clearly-defined interpretation of the score', 'rhythmically precise and fluidly lyrical at the same time'.

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