MOZART, W.A.: Ascanio in Alba (Salzburg Festival, 2006)

MOZART, W.A.: Ascanio in Alba (Salzburg Festival, 2006)


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- (Disc 1)
Ascanio in Alba, K. 111

Date of Production: 2006
Festival: Salzburg Festival
Venue: Salzburger Landestheater
Playing Time: 01:49:00
Catalogue Number: A04001462

Ascanio in Alba, K. 111 came about through the good offices of Count Firmian, who had shared the Milan audience's enthusiasm for Mitridate and exerted his influence on the Empress in Vienna. He suggested entrusting the young Mozart with the composition of a festa teatrale for the wedding of the Empress's son, Archduke Ferdinand, and Maria Beatrice d'Este of Modena. Mozart began working on the score in late August 1771. Tailor-made for the royal wedding, the work's main function was to portray the members of the Habsburg wedding party as generous, kindly rulers and virtuous heroes. For the creative team of the production shown at the Salzburg Festival but originating at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, this specificity proved to be a rewarding challenge. Since the audience had no pre-formulated expectations with Ascanio in Alba, K. 111, director David Hermann and his stage and costume designer Christof Hetzer sought to draw out of this unknown opera the elements that are of particular interest to us today.

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