DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux (Teatro Carlo Felice, 2016)

DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux (Teatro Carlo Felice, 2016)


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- (Disc 1)
Roberto Devereux
Libretto/Text Author: Cammarano, Salvatore

A servant of Nottingham: Purpura, Loris
Elisabetta / Queen of England: Devia, Mariella
Roberto Devereux: Pop, Stefan
Sara / Duchess of Nottingham: Ganassi, Sonia
Sir Gualtiero Raleigh: Fantoni, Alessandro
The Duke of Nottingham: Kim, Mansoo

Set/Stage Designer: Manganelli, Monica
Costume Designer: Falaschi, Gianluca
Lighting Designer: Novelli, Luciano
Stage Director: Antoniozzi, Alfonso

Venue: Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa
Playing Time: 02:20:10
Catalogue Number: 37755
UPC: 8007144377557


Roberto Devereux composed on 1837 saw the light of day during a period of intense creativity for Gaetano Donizetti. After its premiere and up until 1848, Devereux was performed almost uninterruptedly. In the years that followed it would also enjoy a successful international career, throughout Europe and in the Americas, with versions in French, German, Russian and Hungarian. When Donizetti moved to Paris in 1838, he enriched the opera with the overture that paraphrases the British anthem God Save the Queen. The Queen dominates from her very entrance, a true protagonist, here performed by the great Mariella Devia: her pure voice, perfect intonation, great stage presence, all combined with the technical qualities of her voice, led to an extended standing ovation. It was a great success, too, for Sonia Ganassi (Sarah) and tenor Stefan Pop (Devereux).

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