HOLTEN, B.: Visit of the Royal Physician (The) (Royal Danish Opera, 2009)

HOLTEN, B.: Visit of the Royal Physician (The) (Royal Danish Opera, 2009)


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- (Disc 1)
The Visit of the Royal Physician
Composer: Holten, Bo
Libretto/Text Author: Enquist, Per Olov
Conductor: Holten, Bo

Bootee-Caterine: Mai-Mai, Djina
Count Schack Carl Rantzau: Waage, Lars
Enevold Brandt: Morgny, Bengt-Ola
Johann Friedrich Struensee: Reuter, Johan
King Christian VII: Henning-Jensen, Gert
King Frederik V: Hansen, Mogens Gert
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg: Byriel, Sten
Queen Caroline Mathilde: Jansson, Elisabeth
Queen Dowager Juliane Marie: Sjoberg, Gitta-Maria
The Bishop: Lawaetz, Hans

Set/Stage Designer: Holm, Peter
Costume Designer: Holm, Peter
Lighting Designer: Sundin, Per
Stage Director: Oskarson, Peter
Television Director: Borgwardt, Uffe

Date of Production: 09-05-2009
Venue: Copenhagen Opera House
Playing Time: 03:11:00
Catalogue Number: 2.110408
UPC: 747313540853

Bo Holten's new opera The Visit of the Royal Physician was a great success with both audience and reviewers at the premiere in 2009. It is a tragic love story from one of the most dramatic periods in the history of Denmark, when new ideas almost overturned the social order. It is the 1770s, and the young, idealistic doctor Struensee dreams of creating a new and better world. He is given the chance to put his ideas into practice when, almost by coincidence, he becomes royal physician to the insane King Christian VII. Soon he is also the lover of the young Queen Caroline Mathilde. The result is a disaster for all those involved while the old order is allowed to endure. The Visit of the Royal Physician is based on the best-selling novel by Per Olov Enquist. The performance was recorded at the Opera in Copenhagen and is conducted by the composer.

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